Steam whistle from the SS Casino

In addition to providing the power for the engine to drive the propeller of the vessel, steam could be tapped from the boiler for use as the pressure for a whistle, a very useful, audible and commanding means of warning or command aboard ship. The use of steam whistles or warnings was first developed for railway steam engines, but the application for ships (for the same warning primary purpose) was valuable to signal arrivals and departures. Given a strong pressure, the whistle can be heard for a considerable distance, particularly over water, and was sounded as the Casino entered the river Moyne and arrived at the Casino wharf for unloading and alerting passengers. The whistle was recovered from the wreck by diver John (“Johnno”) Edward Johnstone and given to the Tyler family (F V Tyler was a director of the Company) and given to the Port Fairy Historical Society in about 1994.