Telephone Exchange

This exchange was imported from England and made by the Telephone Manufacturing Co. Ltd. London, and contains 100 connections. While there was a telephone connection to the Griffiths Island Lighthouse previously, this exchange permitted a public service. It was installed in November 1907, and a course for female telephone attendants was offered in 1909, subject to their passing the examination. To make connections, the operator would withdraw the connecting plugs from the incoming call and connect to the socket of the intended party to receive the call. In addition of the operator’s receiver to speak to subscribers, the switchboard has timing clocks (calls were charged by time) and the left hand frame is pock marked with drawing pin holes, presumably to note extended calls for later billing. The switchboard was located in the old Post Office (north east corner of Sackville and Cox Sts) and provided a service until it was displaced by automatic dialling technology in February, 1976. The redundant switchboard was given to the Historical Society in 1977.