28 June 2017

Hello Everyone, 

Over winter our monthly meeting dates alter and we don't hold a meeting in June or August.   In July we don't hold a meeting either but instead meet for lunch on our normal meeting date.    It's a great chance to catch up with some of the other members who we don't see all that often.   This year we are meeting at "Charlies on East ".   There are great views over the East Beach from there so it would be amazing if a couple of whales put in an appearance for us.   

Have you had a look at the game we have up on the site.    Created by member Glen, it is a lot of fun for kids and adults especially of you are a secret land specualtor who likes to talk in funny accents.   History is fun and the way to encourage young people to appreciate history is to show the fun side. Thanks Glen for all your work with this project.

Keep warm over winter.