Juror selection ballot box.

This timber octagonal box, mounted on a frame to allow the box to be rotated, was designed for the selection of jurors for service in the Port Fairy Court House circuit sittings of the Supreme Court. It was among the furniture supplied to the Courthouse and probably dates from the 1860s. The box has a small door to allow internal access, and numbered marbles were placed in the box, representing those qualified to serve as jurors (male, property owners and adult), and withdrawn to randomly select potential jurors for trials. There are three boxes, the other two labelled “Special Jurors in reserve” (one in black painted canvas covering, the other in white canvas covering, and this black box is marked” Special Jurors in use”. The boxes were part of the Courthouse furniture and are on long-term loan from the Department of the Auditor-General (Dept. of Justice).